If you are thinking of putting your home up for sale, or already have your property listed, you may want to consider hosting an open house as part of your marketing strategy to get your home sold.  An open house is still one of the most effective methods for getting a quick and profitable sale, and here are a few tips to hosting a successful open house that won’t eat into your profits.

Clean And De-clutter

This is probably the simplest and most inexpensive way to make your home its best for an open house.  Be sure the kitchen and bathrooms are spotless, all the beds are made, and messes tidied up. Also remove any personal items and photos that may make it more difficult for potential buyers to see themselves in your home.

Smell Is A Powerful Tool

There have been countless studies done that have shown having pleasant, homey smells present during an open house has a positive effect on potential buyers.  Baking cookies or sticky buns leaves an inviting smell throughout the home, and placing flowers in the hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms can leave a lasting sensory impression.

Clear Out Your Pets And Yourself

Though your pets and family may be the most valued possessions in your home, they are not going to sell your home.  People who attend an open house are looking to see if your home is a potential fit with their lifestyle and family life.  The easier you make it for them to picture themselves in your home the better.  This means that if you are not around, they will feel more comfortable in being objective about the home.  Also, pets do not appeal to all people, and for those who may be allergic, keeping them out of the way can make a big difference.

Make Your House A Home. Their Home!

If your home has rooms with no obvious purpose, or rooms with little to no furniture, you may want to consider renting furniture or other home décor items to give your house a homier feel.  You may also want to consider such things as the amount of light particular spaces in the house get, and whether or not you are emphasizing any sellable features such as fireplaces or finished basements.

Overall, these simple and fairly inexpensive tricks can make your home a more inviting place during an open house, and will likely get you a sale more quickly and at the right price.